Thursday, 12 July 2012

Words on the street

I took my camera for a walk down Queen Street and Ossington Avenue this afternoon and shot about 60 photos. Going through them, I noticed a pattern: I shot a lot of words today.

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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Joye Roy - Resume

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Curriculum Vitae

Joye Roy

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Tuesday's Tribulations

Turning technology into tech knowledge since 1989.

Sgt. Pepper changed the world on this day 1967. Come together.

Marilyn Monroe (1926) and Brigham Young (1801) were born on this day.
AMD announced several new chips at Computex in Taiwan today. The chips, based on Socket 939, include the Athlon 3500+ and 3800+ are clocked at 2.2 GHz and 2.4GHz repectively and carry 512 KByte of L2 cache and dual-channel memory controller. The new 64-bit Athlon FX-53 processor, clocked at 2.4 GHz, continues to ship with one megabyte of L2 cache. All three chips have AMD's NX technology, which when used in conjunction with Windows XP SP-2, prevents buffer overflow attacks by limiting access to memory.

China is clamping down on online games. The government has established a censorship committee to review existing online games. Publishers must get approval from the Ministry of Culture before selling any new games in China.

Good news for Vonage and the cell phone companies. Verizon has been letting customers keep DSL access even when they cancel telephone service. Naked DSL (yes that's what they call it) from Verizon is $34.95/month.

Time-Warner CEO Richard Parsons says its important that some "Internet fairy dust gets sprinkled on AOL." America Online has been losing members - 2.2 million last year - to broadband, but Parsons hasn't given up on the online service. "Our challenge is to articulate to Wall Street that there is a Yahoo inside AOL." AOL launches a new broadband ad campaign today. Time-Warner's stock price has tumbled from $57 three years ago to $17 today, chiefly on concerns about the future of AOL.

Robert X. Cringley has a great article about hacking the Linksys 802.11g Wireless Access Point to turn it into a complete WISP solution. Slashdot notes similar projects like EWRT and Wi-Fi Box.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Jaimie Clarke - CV

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Wednesday We Want Money

More tales of corporate greed in today's thrilling tech news summary.

Venus will transit the Sun June 8 for the first time since 1882. The trip takes six hours. Kallahar only took six minutes to go from LA to Oregon.

James Gibbs patented the sewing machine on this day in 1857. The first night baseball game under lights was played in Ft. Wayne in 1883. Surveyor I made the first soft lunar landing in 1966.
Looks like the ad sales guys got to the Yahoo programmers. The new Yahoo toolbar, which contains a "spyware scanner" from Pest Patrol doesn't, in fact, remove the loathsome Gator and WhenU unless you check a box each time you scan. Yahoo has a partnership with Gator creator Claria. I'm sticking with Spybot, thank you very much.

And yet another entry in the Annals of Greed... Paul Graham wrote his "Plan for Spam" advocating the use of Bayesian filters in August, 2002. In December, 2002, Network Associates applied for a broad-based patent on anti-spam technologies including, what a coincidence, Bayesian filters. The pathetic USPTO just approved that patent. No word yet on how NAI will apply their patent, but it could impact every spam program out there including numerous free open source programs like SpamBayes and Spam Assassin. Symantec and Postini also have patents on anti-spam techniques. Read the discussion on Slashdot.

The original greedy buzzards, the record companies, are considering employing copy protection from Macrovision and SunComm that will limit the number of copies you can make of an audio CD. The protection could be applied to digital downloads, as well.

Sony is abandoning the Clié in the US, citing plummeting sales for PDAs. The company will focus on cell phones instead. Analysts say the increasing popularity of smart phones combined with a weak upgrade market in PDAs is killing the category. That's kind of a shame - Cliés were the most advanced of the Palm devices and the UX-50 with keyboard, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and camera may have been the coolest PDA ever.

Intel has announced three new Mobile Pentium 4 processors: the 538, 532, and 518 run at 3.2, 3.06, and 2.8 GHz respectively and are intended for desktop replacement notebooks. They're based on the 90nm Prescott chip. There's a new Celeron M, too, employing half the cache of the Pentium M.

Intel also plans to work with CollabNet to release the source code for a reference BIOS later this year in an effort to make PC boot-ups more consistent and reliable. The BIOS will be released under the CPL.

Sun says it will open source Solaris, its proprietary OS based on UNIX. Expect a licensing model similar to Java. COO Jonathan Schwartz said that while open sourcing Solaris was inevitable, Sun wants to avoid the splintering into distributions that's happened in the Linux world.

The first beta of Microsoft's Windows Media Player 10 should ship tomorrow. The chief new feature will be the ability to synchronize music libraries with MP3 players ala iTunes. Not surprising since Microsoft has announced it plans to take on the iPod with a device that will "look and feel as good" for as little as $50. CORRECTION: Paul Thurrott points out that Microsoft didn't say they were going to make the devices, just support them with software.

I'm going to Case Western in my next life. Students now have access to fiber in their dorm rooms, and there's a wireless 802.11g network campus-wide.

Strongman Robert Mugabe has clamped down on Zimbabwean ISPs, requiring them to notify the government of any "malicious" e-mail messages. Last year 14 people were arrested for circulating an anti-Mugabe email. ISPs say they don't have the technology to monitor all the emails going through their systems. Hey, just ask the FBI - we've got a great system here in the States.

Monday, 12 December 2011


So last night had to be, hands down, the oddest "skelteton's out of the closet"-esque night of my life.

It started very normally, dinner at an average Italian spot with Amelie, average drinks at a local dive, no real solid plans to get the evening going.

Amelie and I chose this bar called Tile to grab a couple of after dinner drinks. We were making loose conversation when she noticed I kept staring at this blond woman in the corner of ther bar. Fearing I'd gone off to the other team, she asked me why I was staring at her. I told her I knew that girl's face from somwhere but couldn't place it, and it was bugging me. Then a few minutes later it hit me

****DISCLAIMER**** (I am a good girl. I have never, "gone wild", everything below this disclaimer are random events that may look like I am "wild", I beg your pardon, because I, am not wild, but very, very, tame.)

Several years ago, a good friend from high school that is rather well off, bet me that I wouldn't go into a strip bar and get a lap dance. Since he was paying and I was several drinks in, I took him up on that bet and went to Flashdancers in midtown and got a lapdance from a stripper. It was the most uncomfortable 3 minutes of my life, but he paid the $50 and I felt obliged to make small talk with the woman while she fake grinded on me. She was from Poland, had two older sisters, and was getting her medical degree.

She was also now sitting across the room from me and Amelie at Tile Bar. I never forget a face. I was 100% on this one.

What to do? How does one strike up that converstaion initially? Is it even polite to bring up a strippers past in a non strip setting? All these questions banged through my head as I attempted figure out if I would allow myself to puss out. I did.


So I puss out and leave Amelie at Tile to go uptown and meet James, my sometimes laywer and full time friend. We always meet at my old local, Deac's, where I have met some of my closest NYC friends. Always good people, and tonight they were giving away the Christmas party invitations, so it started out great.

I begin to tell James my tale of running into the lap dance woman when my cell rings. Its my friend from high school that paid for the lapdance that night. I hadn't spoken to him in 8 months, now ironically as I am in the middle of the story about the stripper he provided, he calls. He is visiiting NYC and only 3 blocks away. So of course he joins us and the night gets weirder.

I SHOULD HAVE TURNED OFF MY CELL AT THIS POINT, enjoyed the good company and music, and left it at that. But no, I had to keep recieving calls.

A few hours and several drinks later, the phone. On it? An OLD friend from college that once again I have not spoken to in 4 years (happens to be in NYC) and says this to me.

"Ang, I can't really talk, but I have one thing to ask you.
Do you want to be in a three way with me and a hot Spanish man right now? Because if you're game for it, it can happen, now. Just come meet us in Brooklyn."

after picking my chin off the floor I reply...

"C'mon, it'll be a blast. We can catch up, you know, have the threesome, and you can meet "Oscar", my fiance."


"Oh, and how's your mom doing? Ok fine, call me tomorrow, lets discuss this during daylight hours".


I walk back into the bar and NO ONE believes me. All the men urge me to call her back and meet her, all the women think after hearing both stories, that I am a closet lesbo. I can't explain well enough that I didn't enjoy that lap dance, and hello, I just declined the three way. Its just not computing.
So I called it a night. Went home, hid under the covers and prayed that freaky friday only happens once every 4 years, kinda like Election tuesday.


Another thanksgiving with the fam. Not so bad actually, just tiresome. The food was actually very good, even if it was the same conversations and the same avoiding of topics that are done every year.


I have quite a full weekend. Several friends from Texas are coming into town, we are going to travel to the wilds of brooklyn saturday afternoon and ride horses on the beach. I will keep you updated (for real). We will also I'm sure drink lots and provide you all with stories of how once again, I have proven incapable of attracting the opposite sex. Stay tuned...

AMELIE and I have already planned our new years resolution for 2005. Ready?

We will pitch a new non reality show to the major networks every three months untill picked up. Stay tuned for all the hysterical ways people in high places say "no" to us. It should be riviting. :-)

Please folks, enjoy your leftovers and drink some more...


God Bless Tom Brokaw