Monday, 12 December 2011


beware, the holidays are approaching...

In a few days, Americans from coast to coast will be attempting yet again to all get along for a few hours while ingesting shitloads of food. I also will attempt, again, to sit with my fractured and severely disfunctional family and pretend to enjoy myself while I am forgotten in lieu of the return of the original prodigal son, my brother Adam.

This year I thought I was set. Adam has been living in Germany since his last huge send off party in the spring. I thought there was no way he would be here to dominate conversation and blight me.
I was wrong.
Since he keft he has managed to get released from the Army (not honorably), fake an engagement and a wedding (to piss off my parents) to a gypsy and get deported from Germany.

Just in time for the holidays. He flies in tonight. And from what mom says, he's finnaly ready to get a job and work. (he has never managed this before). I predict he will work out a lot, get a new girlfriend and live off my parents. And have no less than 2 more parties thrown in his honor before March. No one will ask me how I'm doing (actually very well) or how my job is (awesome!) or how my new apartment is (awesome again! maybe one of you should attempt to visit it one day!)

Sorry to rant, I just know what I'm in for, again.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of you! Look for "Dispatches From A Second Helping" which I will blog from the dinner table, thursday. :-)

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